Branding & Signage

The Challenge

Design custom menu boards for our friends over at Greek Delights. Expanding outside of their single food truck, the business owners were set to open a location inside a mall in Las Vegas. Problem was, they had no original art files for their logo, no branding guide, or assets of any kind to give us. We were basically creating something from scratch, attempting to mimic their current typography and branding.

Our Solution

We started by hand tracing their logo, provided to us in a very small JPG file not suitable for anything but online use (at best). This took some time, but once done we proceeded to output the traced logo into vector format. Meaning, it could be blown up on the size of a building and still look awesome. Next, we used typography and color matches for the menu boards that were as close as possible to their current assets. In the end, some amazing menu boards for their new restaurant!

We love how these custom menu boards turned out for the client! See them below, as well as pictures of them displayed in the restaurant.