Custom Apparel & Print

The Challenge

We were called upon to create custom apparel options for Canyon Ridge Christian Church, at their Lone Mountain Bookstore location. They also needed decals, hats, and a wide array of store merchandise options created.

Our Solution

Luckily, Canyon Ridge Christian Church is one of those organizations that was smart with their brand. They had a full branding guide complete with typography, logo use requirements, and color swatches all available at our disposal. From then on, it was merely choosing the right type of apparel and creating fun taglines that would appeal to their target demographic.

See below a few of the custom apparel designs we created for the church bookstore. Not pictured here are the hoodies, hats, and other apparel options we provided them. There’s only so much space, afterall. 

If you’ve driven around Las Vegas, you’ve more than likely seen these decals in a car window or two. We have the privilege of printing these decals for all of the Canyon Ridge Christian Church locations in the valley. We’ve done multiple colors like red, silver, copper, and more. The most common is white, but hey…variety is the spice of life right?!