Branding & Print

The Challenge

Owner Lori Skipper approached us about creating branding and print marketing assets for her new company BTO Billing and Consulting. This was a start-from-scratch type of project and we had no ideas or previous art pieces to base off of. We were requested to design a logo, branding guide, business cards, brochure, and more.

Our Solution

Knowing it was a medical billing and consulting company, we had some immediate ideas for imagery. We liked blue and grey color pallets because they evoke emotions of strength, security, and professionalism. We used a sans serif typeface with slight curves, to give a comfortable feel as well.

Check out these custom business cards that we designed and printed for this client, as well as another print project we handled from start to finish. 

Via our online marketing service MNGR, we also designed and launched their official website. It has a modern full-width layout and responsive design. You can view the live website at

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