Identity & Signage

The Challenge

Branded One Crossfit had some great branding pieces in place such as a logo, color pallets, and more. We were hired to design and print custom apparel options and signage assets for them. However, they wanted a very specific type of look and feel in the materials…which we are the best at helping with.

Our Solution

Keep it simple. Our favorite mantra, and often times the best solution when it comes to custom apparel and signage. We started by using elements of their branding and motto, and chose premium quality materials. Doing so gave them a fresh and sleek look that really spoke to their target demographic.

Below, you can find examples of some of the signage we have created for Branded One Crossfit, as well as branding and identity essentials, and custom apparel. 

We are experts in creating cohesive branding that gets your message across exactly how you intend, while giving you the aesthetic ability to step out into the industry with your best face forward. We’d love to discuss your next branding project! Shoot us a message via our contact page here to start.